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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Ten-8 Security?

Vacant property is always a concern. With the growing population, incidents of home invasions are growing. Law enforcement agencies can only patrol so much area at any given time and the home owners must use all means to protect their assets including complying with their insurance policy.

Damage can be compounded when no one is aware of any problems for an extended period of time. For example a water leak can start off very small however can escalate into thousands of dollars damage if not caught and repaired immediately. Ten-8 Security acts as your personal agent during your absence.

Your empty home or property will be regularly monitored and professionally cared for during your absence.

What about using your neighbours?

Having your neighbours stop in a check your property, as a favor may seem like a good idea and in most cases is. However, when a serious issue arrives you need someone to take action without hesitation. Ten-8 Security can accomplish this and in doing so your property does not become an imposition to your neighbours.

Who are our clients?

Our home checks are designed for seasonal residents with vacation homes, vacationers, week-enders, frequent travelers and people on the go. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with a list of our clients, as all these details are confidential.

What about insurance?

As mentioned, you should check your insurance policy concerning the time your house/property can be vacant with out physically being checked. Check with your agent and get these details in writing. Many cases have arisen where homeowners felt that every 72 hours was sufficient when the policy actually stated 48 hours or less. Insurance companies will not pay claims when there is a violation to the policy.

Ten-8 Security is fully insured with liability insurance and we would certainly supply you with our Certificate of Insurance if requested.

Who will monitor your home?

We do not subcontract our work. Your home will be monitored by one of the owners of Ten-8 Security. Your property is far too valuable to us not to give it personal service.

How often will we check your home?

The frequency of your home checks is entirely up to you. Our services are customized to meet your requirements. We can provide service from a daily check to once a month or more.

Once again, to determine the frequency that best meets your needs, we recommend you check the terms of your insurance. For example, while a large home may require daily checks, a condominium owner may only want checks every 72 hours.


Ten-8 Security is fully licensed by the Solicitor Generals Department under the Security Acts of Alberta, as well as the Town of Cochrane. Our personnel are WCB covered and licensed by the Province with various qualifications.

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